Thursday, 1 May 2014

Utilitarian Nugatory

Ever contemplated over the convulsions of a contorting whale that swims in the simmering serenity of the violent waves of an element so beyond the existential understandings of human psyche that the planetary alignments alter the affections and afflictions while vaporising the valiant viles of our repulsive refractory residual senses that are but a part of what we call the whole. Sensibility is but the legitimate tag stamped upon what is understood by the most shallow parts of a deathly abyss that is the mind of human vivisect. To understand the very psychological patterns that we as humans seem to exhibit, try and understand that whale that was once mentioned not so long ago but a few lines prior and you will be mesmerized how senselessly stupendous this all seems, yet your elitist ego will want to find meaning in this piece so bizarre yet so cluttered with random abrasions of thoughts and ideas that may or may not hold a riddle of the eternal truth that we all wish to find but never know where to start looking from. 

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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