Thursday, 15 May 2014

Doomsday Premonition?

Evil reprises as dirt begins to fade
Love and hatred mate on sand
And burn along with sickle and spade
With worms squiggling with dying filth
And the Demons of dawn succumb
To the spreading of the plagues’ wealth

The blood is dripping from mouths platonic
And eyes are gouging with shame ridden low
Satan laughs as Hell crusades on the catatonic
And life becomes the apocalypse we all awaited for

The Gods are no longer there for us
They committed self-righteous holy suicide
The nectars and waters all filled with pus
As blood flies begin to feast upon our eyes

The day has come for madness to commence
As people will all disappear in the day
Life as we know will come to and end as
The dead will return to rule the realms of us mortals
And we will be no longer existing

As the minds of our selves will guide us to our sepulchers

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