Sunday, 28 September 2014


Is there nothing for me
To see here on my journey
Is the world so blinded
By the norms of our humanity?

The darkness seems to scare me
And the light is full of clarity
Yet we hide within the shadows
Of our own society

The lamps that guide us will fade
And extinguish with time today
As we all move amongst the lot
To pave the way for yesterday

The waves of energy holy
That phases with melancholy
Will one day be there no more
Leaving us in our insanity

Prevailing will be anarchy
Full of people such as you and me
With weapons of our conscience

We will strive to save humanity

Friday, 5 September 2014

We need a new plague

Negativity is at an all time high. The rains seem to be manipulating our minds. Marionettes are dancing with strings tied to their own rotten hands and yet, they believe that they owe it to someone else.
Life as I know it seems to be getting duller by the minute. A piece of paper is what I'm supposed to be risking my future for. Knowledge and intellect are forced to bow down to paper. And paper is nothing but a substitute for values, morals and status. I mean come on, you can't do anything beneficial for yourselves. Grow up guys, that is for kids. The more you grow up, the lesser you're allowed to dream.
See a psychiatrist if you must, but seriously, chuck that dream down the shitpot. All you need is a piece of paper that will secure your life.


Fuck you society.
Fuck you people who believe in the lenient version of my rant.
Fuck you people who put down my kind.
Fuck your orthodox-mundane values.
Fuck your dominating views.
Fuck your mentality.
Fuck your life.
Fuck your education.
Fuck your system.
Fuck your world.
Fuck your Gods. (I genuinely think religion is fucking us up big time)
And most importantly....
Fuck you.

I hope you get lost in the darkness of your own bizarre mind!