Saturday, 25 October 2014

Cool Weather

There is a serene violence that ensues in the skies these days, complemented by the deafening bursts of light that a simple fire can trigger. Today, after a long time it drizzled in Mumbai and the weather finally seems to be calming down. The cold is preparing to set in and life seems a dull yet peaceful journey. The pleasurable atmosphere made me appreciate the lighter things in life today, something that my phone or macbook could never allow me to.
This is one of the rare positive posts I have written. And honestly, I do not intend to be dark all the time, but somehow being dark allows me to look at things with a different perspective, and present it with an intense force.
I don't know how many of you actually bother reading my rants and my posts, but whoever does, I wish you a good day. The weather was good to me, so I can be less dark for once.

Friday, 24 October 2014


Another year, the festival of lights begins. It is a time of happiness, family love, and deafening firecrackers.
The lights in the houses and outside on the streets in this time of the year are simply a treat for the eye. The crackers are simply a medical condition in the making.
Would Ram really want us to induce deafness into our future generation? Who knows?
Yes this isn't the happiest of posts, but the point is to make you think. Is there really any significance in the crackers? Diwali is meant for the lights, for the family and loved ones. To share treats and exchange gifts brought out of love, not obligation. Diwali is yet another commercial festival in India, just like Ganpati, Holi and Christmas.
The essence of it is truly lost. But then again, what used to be a way of life in the ancient times is now simply a matter of tradition. Tradition not followed out of love or excitement, but out of the sense of duty.
Someone should really try and celebrate a peaceful Diwali (and all other festivals) keeping in mind the original idea behind such events. After all, we are the generation of globalisation. Who knows what more waits for us in the future?

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!


The baby was crying, screaming it's little guts out. The father sat dizzy from the thirteenth peg he had just gulped down. He looked out to his wife, nowhere to be seen in the kitchen. He shouted out, adding to the baby's cries.
No Response.
More pegs were made, three bottles had fallen to this man's addiction. His wife seemed to have forgotten of his existence. But his hazed mind was far away from these troubles. His intoxication had reached a new level. After the twentieth peg, his insides gave up. The floor was in ruins.
After a terrible pain in his stomach, he rushed to the bathroom for unknown reasons. Maybe his mind was trained for these situations. He rushed and spilled his stomach out into the ceramic pot, not noticing his wife that hung from the kitchen fan.
After the third gag, he lay unconscious on the floor. The last thing he remembered was the horrifying silence.
The baby had ceased its crying.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Point of Life

Whether it be a fly thee kill, or be it a monster slain by thy righteous hand,
Death in all it's glory is still a sorrowful thing.
The perception is all that matters.
Who knows, the monster might be the avatar of the very gods thee worship.
God plays a game in the queerest of ways, ways we may never understand,
As for that sword you lift, it may be the bane of those you love the most.
Life is a strange phenomenon.
It is the soul that matters.
The ones that tread in light sweat as the sun tires them,
And the moon sends chills down the nighttime traveller,
Filling the mind with horrors with questionable existence.
Yet, we all tread on.
Maybe that is the point of life, to find a point in this spherical object,
Cyclic in nature and spirit, with nothing to lose or gain,
Except that we believe we are attached to.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

60 seconds of Inspiration

So I Stumbled Upon this one video. And it made me think. I have always been of the opinion that one should always follow your dreams. Not the cheesy way that looks easy in films, but the hard fucked up way that only those who have experienced will understand. I am at the start of a point in life where my hardships are just beginning and motivations like this video really help keeping me focused on the goal. This is to all those like me who have set out on the road less travelled by, instead of going the corporate way.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Disappointment with a hint of Homicidal Tendancy

So I just returned from the Mumbai Film Festival. I had been attending this lovely treat for cinephiles like me for the past two years. This year was amazingly terrible.
To begin with, the management was just as average as the previous years. I don't understand how they could fuck up after having fucked up before. I almost lost my life in a stampede for a film. This is the level of our peoples' stupidity. And to top it all up, there were ads being played. ADS. Are you fucking kidding me? Ads in a film festival? That too ads that are 15 minute long and eat up the time of the film? Seriously, someone needs to be spanked on the ass with a white hot iron rod. After this, I know for sure that I want to destroy the ad industry as horribly as I can.
But that isn't even the wort part of the festival. The worst were the people, the pseudo-cinephiles. Honestly, the crowds were fanatics in the last few years; people who would begin a riot if there was a disturbance. This year, the crowd was the biggest disturbance I faced. Not one film was watched without a phone ringing, or someone chatting on WhatsApp. People were talking, people were laughing at the Korean accents in a film (nothing funny, in fact they laughed at a guy dying just because it sounded funny), when I voiced my opinion against the annoyingly horrifying ads that they were playing, this same crowd asked me to shut up, defending the management's mistakes. This is what this festival has come to.
The movies were decent, the management was average, but the audience was worthy of hell. It is, I believe the fault of the management. Had they not commercialised their festival so much, it would still be catering to the niches that respect cinema, and not to the Facebook-WhatsApp generation that disrespects the film, the filmmaker and true-blood cinephiles.
Hope this festival never happens again. The crowds did not deserve it. And for those who actually deserve it, they cannot enjoy it as long as these assholes keep disturbing them. So what's the point anyways?

May the Darkness consume you in your Light, MAMI! You were a big disappointment. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cheesy Words, or Motivation? You decide....

One thing I learned in the last few days is that I fucking love writing. I'd die before I give up. I've risked my future to pursue my writing, and I hope that it would work out well.
Sometimes, treading in darkness can show you things in a much different perspective. I'm experiencing that at a very personal level. I see everyone going with the crowd while they laugh, mock and look down upon me for my decisions. People will never understand.
I'd die before I prove them right. And I know I'm not the only one here. There are many whose dreams are shattered by the critics. I say fuck them all.
Of course, it's easier said than done. Many people quit, but how many are actually working towards it? Before you take any rash decision, understand that once taken a step forward, it'll be a million times harder just to undo that. Tread wisely.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Strange Ending

The wind gushed and the clouds roared. The weatherman said a storm was rising. If he did not reach home on time, he might never. His work had ended earlier; his boss was more paranoid than anyone else. However, his boss had a driver and a car waiting to serve his needs. His colleagues ran just like him, but their buses were frequent. His bus had a terrible frequency.
People were closing shop, others were hurrying home. The homeless tried to look for a tentative shelter. The animals were nowhere to be seen. Smart bitches, he thought. He looked around at the systematic chaos that presented itself. Religion had forgotten its enmity and rivals helped secure each other. Everyone seemed to be prepared, except him.
The road was emptier than before. Isolation seemed to be creeping in. He had to leave.
He decided that he would spend some extra bucks and travel by rickshaws. But as every Indian knows, these bastards never listen.
One rickshaw rushed away. He grew frantic. The skies began to wet the earth.
Another ignored his cries. He abused passionately.
A third said an unjustified no. He kicked the rickshaw as it sped away.
The fourth one's breaks failed.
The isolated road gathered pedestrians to help him, but he realised that the storm wouldn't be his bane. The people carried him to a shelter, an ambulance was called for. The driver of the rickshaw was beaten for his faults. The clouds roared and the rain had finally begun its heavy downpour.
He was convinced that his end would come. Either by the storm, or the accident.
Death had a strange way to find things. A mosquito landed on his wound.

Mental Clutter and Demons

Demons scream with a chill in their voice. Their silence is the loudest one can hear. But why is it that we care only for the babies that cry in the middle of the night? What makes them hungry? Biology?
For all I know, all the sciences that I see are demons waiting for their time to shine. Science has evolved to a level where it is common sense to most of us. Yet, there are large populations that benefit not from the developments of the rich.
Demons at war?
Angels, they say are always looking at us with a happy heart, protecting us. But what about the demons that are so intensely involved with our lives? Why are we so afraid of them? Do we really fear our demons, while looking up to those that rarely cast a blessing upon us?
What kind of god would want to kill non-believers? Maybe they're just people that have accepted their demons. This might seem too satanic to people, but it's only a vague thought out of my random mind.
Maybe I should change the name of my blog.
Nah, my demons won't let me.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Revelatory Dream

I fell asleep in the stars one night,
When I couldn’t seem to fight,
The urges of the previous day,
To kill them all, If I may!

The crows caw, the mice all squeal,
Desecrate our life’s show reel!
And murder every dream they say,
For good days are always yesterday!

Our perceptions are all but pale,
Hazed out by that branded ale,
Made by TV sets in every room,
Media bastions, mediocrity bloom!

And as I type from memories,
On this machine made overseas,
I realise we’re all but dead,
In a time that has come not yet.


"What is it honey?" he asked. He thought he'd heard his wife call out to him.
When no reply came, he thought it was nothing. Then it all crashed down on him. His house, his life, all engulfed by the flames inside his mind. Another migraine.
He fell down on the carpet and writhed in pain. The TV show host laughed at one of the gags and the recorded audiences giggled as well. 
Clutching his hair, almost ripping it off he rolled trying to understand why the pain felt different. That is when the crimson dripped down his cheek. He noticed the pool of red forming below his head. There had to be something wrong. How was this possible.
He looked up, and a silhouette stared back at him.
As she bent down, he saw the bruised face of his wife, eyes bloodshot. In her hands, she gripped a spade from their garden.
"HOW DARE YOU?" he screamed. If the neighbours ever found out, his name would be cast down. Their family would be in shame.
In reply, she kept staring at him. He had never seen her enraged. Every time she did something wrong, she would clam up and accept his beatings. That was the way society had raised them. Their parents did it, and their grandparents. But was it true? Or was it a delusion that only he lived in?
"I'm done!" she whispered, barely enough for him to understand.
A divorce was shunned upon in their society. His migraine worsened. And the moment he realised that the migraine was actually the hurt from the wound he had tried to ignore, the spade came crashing down on him.
One hit, his vision was hazy. Second and the pain worsened. Third, and his life flashed before him, numbing his senses. A Fourth and unable to bear the excruciating pain, he fell unconscious.
As life left his body, from the passage between life and death, he heard the faint laughter of victory.
His societal prisoner was finally free.

Friday, 10 October 2014

A little help...maybe?

Okay, usually I don't do two posts one after the other, but right now something just crossed my mind. To be honest, it's a sort of confusion regarding my own social life, and by that I mean social media. The way I see it, almost every person I know (except the really old people) are all in this mess. Even my own parents are addicted to Whatsapp and got knows what! And here I am detesting almost each social media site.
But then again, I do blog, and that can be considered a form of social media. However, why don't I do this same thing on Facebook? I can certainly get more attention from there. Or even Twitter, but there I have limited characters.
I try to stay away from social media and yet, I realise that without it I might not be able to stay in touch with anyone. That is my confusion. Should I allow this social media craze to take over me?
I don't know who is reading this, but I hope you can understand my dilemma.
This is probably the first post where I speak like a human, and not some psychotic wannabe philosopher.

I usually end my posts one way, but this time...

May the Darkness guide me...

Mother Darkness?

He looks at us, she looks at us. Mother darkness has been upset with all this talk of light. Father light was birthed by the mother of us all, and through this rose our world. But who is to say for God simply said 'Let there be a world' and poof; Brahma thought and his thoughts manifested, as they continue to do till the end of eternity.
Almost every religion will tell you a creationist story in their own version, but nobody mentions mother darkness. She was the first to exist. Are we so ignorant that we forget our past? But then again, the big bang is only a theory.
Who is to say what truly happened. Devdutt Pattanaik has rightly said, "...Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth. Who sees it all? Varuna has but a thousand eyes. Indra, a hundred. You and I, only two."

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!