Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Lone Man In The Dark

Complete Darkness, darkness stood everywhere. The chill in the forest that night was too deathly. The stench of the wet soil rose and added to the horror of the night. Critters of the dark, rodents and flying pests lay still making their own hymns as a man ran through the wet dark road.
‘Damn. Damn.’ He muttered under his breath as he ran with all his might. His eyes had grown accustomed to the dark a while ago but it didn’t help much. The night was too sly and the man could only make out dark figures in his way. The aroma of wet tree bark, leaves with tiny insects on them, buzzing and chirping every once a while filled in to the scary aura of the forest this man was in.
After a while, he stood under a tree to catch his breath. He looked back the way he came from. Nothing there. He was sweating, his clothes were glued to his body and his face was red with exhaustion. His clothes were all soiled, his face bruised, but the darkness in the night refused to give away any color to his pain.
Suddenly he heard a noise behind him, from where he came from.
‘NO!!’ he mouthed the words and began to run again. As he ran he looked at his watch. He looked at the glowing numbers. ‘Damn, only 20 minutes’ he said, ‘Not far enough. They are going to get me.’
His body ached, his lungs burned with tiredness. He couldn’t make it. He needed more time. He kept running but then, he tripped over a wild root extending on the forest road. Flat on his face, he fell in muck. Face covered in the cold damp mud he lifted himself up and wiped his face. It didn’t help much but he did notice something.
To his right, behind a tree there was an opening, a cave.
He looked behind and decided to go inside. Just as he stepped into the cave, lightning struck and it began to pour again, the clouds weeping, as if they too were terrified of that night.
He kept walking, feeling his way around the cave until he reached a big flat rock. He sat on it and took his wet shirt off. He used it to wipe the mud off his face and hands. He looked around. The view wasn’t very clear but he could see multiple passages in the cave. This was one labyrinth and he decided to wait and relax.
Suddenly a chill passed down his spine and the hairs on the back of his neck rose straight. He felt pain in his stomach, pain pulsing through his body. He eyed his watch
“NO!!!” he screamed, “NOT NOW!!!”
He fell to all fours and he couldn’t bear the excruciating pain, “NOT NOW!!!PLEASE!!!”
The pain was unbearable and then he was shocked.
Literally shocked. The man was shocked and he fell unconscious. He was tied to an electric chair. The

background had changed to that of an old hospital ward. Two ward boys came and checked the man. A doctor stood behind them, writing something on his pad.
“Listen,” said the Doctor, “I want this man tied up. He will be released only if his therapy helps him make progress.”
The ward boys listened began to unfasten his binds.
“This man is a very dangerous patient.” She said, “He is a schizophrenic and his case is very serious. He believes that he is an undercover agent working for the Government Intelligence. Lock him up and make sure he doesn’t break out of his cell. I don’t want another nurse dead.”
The ward boys put the man on a stretcher and took him away. The doctor wiped her forehead and began to walk out of the room. As she left, a nurse switched off the light in the room.
Complete Darkness.

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