Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Known Unknown

Who are you?
The one who talks,
And spreads his words,
Like the oceans red

Who are you,
Who speaks so low?
Yet wants to be heard,
Like the worshipped dead.

Who is it,
That paints the sky,
And burns the moon,
Like the stars’ own sheet?

Who is it,
That kills the silence,
Dreading the shadows,
Of oceans’ deep?

Why must we,
Be torn away,
By lands and laws,
Of men so low?

Why must we,
Embrace what is,
Unbearably wrong,
Like a rigid foe?

Lowly minds,
Lowly hearts,
Are these the ones,
Who kill our souls?

Why must we,
Bow down so low,
To conservativeness,
Of meaningless goals?

Why must we?
Oh! why must we,
Tread in light,
When darkness prevails?

Why is it?
What is it?
That runs your life?
When your mind fails?

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