Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fear and other things....

What is it that keeps you up all night? What is it that kills the silence and destroys worlds in a matter of minutes? What is it that can seep into the darkest corners of your existential human mind and reap the benefits that were truly yours? What is it that hides under your bed and claws your back with icy bloodstained fingers, waiting for its next hunt?

Enough of questions. We all know what I'm talking about. It's fear.


It's not that big a word. But the enormity of it so sadly hyped and boosted that we all believe that it is a cruel monster. We name so many things that scare us, frighten us or limit us, restraining the demons inside us just because everyone believes that demons are to be feared and angels are to be good.
Who ever said that Angels are good and Demons are bad? Both are entities that supplement our soul. It is them that define us. They are not good or bad, it is only us that stamp them with tags of useless words. There are no Angels, there are no Demons, they are the same. It depends on what you see. Satan worshippers may say Satan is the good guy while most of us believe that God is the one to look up to. But what does an atheist say?

Don't give a rat's ass to any of these stupid annotations. There are only two things that you must seek in life. To nurture your love and to embrace your fear. There can never be any love without the fear of loss. There can never be fear without the love.
Duality is what drives our world. 
So choose your side. Don't take sides with another, just choose for yourselves and leave everyone else alone to worry about Demons and Angels.
It is not about Light vs Darkness, it is about Light and Darkness. Chose your side, or embrace them both. Do what will bring salvation to your lost soul.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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