Friday, 9 May 2014

A Reflection of Perception

I bet you all have read something in your lives. A card, a TV newsflash, a newspaper and of course, a book. We read this magnificent and complex combination of 26 letters that bring out the most beautiful of emotions and vivid pictures in our minds. A simple 26 letters that are placed in several sequences that mean something to someone, yet differ in their effect.
What is beautiful to some is pain for another What is trash to one is another's treasure. What is a murder for one is redemption for another. Perceptions guide us everywhere. Through the Light that burns us and through the Darkness thats haunts us, it is our perception that makes us who we are.
Life is but a Reflection of our Perception.
And this reflection of life in the beauty if Art is what makes Art soulful. If you must refute that art is made without soul, then there is nothing wrong, for that is the way your soul perceives the reflections of every other soul that passes by.
Simply put, a lovely picture is only lovely if you believe it to be lovely. For others, it may be but a pathetic explosion of colours.
Reflect upon what you Perceive and watch how your Perceptions have Refections on your Soul.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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