Thursday, 20 March 2014

In the Dead of Night...

It is night time. Dark pitch midnight. Time for the critters and crawlers to rule the land as most of us big people sleep soundly. But what if, just what if you were awake one night, with the courage to walk towards that empty garden near your place? Imagine going there, in the dead of night, with no living organisms other than the viruses and bacteria that infest that land. The grass and trees seem devoid of life in the cold of the pitch black dead night.
And then, from within the darkness, you see a coffin. A coffin, with something in it. No, it isn't your own body, it isn't Dracula or any other vampire. It's just a regular coffin with a bowl full of candy in it.
You ignore the candy obviously, you're not a kid.
You look around the demonic garden with its isolated suffocating aura that seems to get into your head. Your mind begins to wander off into deep thoughts of why and how when suddenly,
A demon eyes you and says, "Come child, we have waited for you."

What would you do....?

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