Tuesday, 18 February 2014

For those who are unintentionally ignored....

With the backing of the truck you hear a radiant and disturbing noise. The reverse alarm that sends us wondering who even bothered to invent such a thing? But you know what? When you see an ignorant truck driver backing onto a poor little animal, say a dog, cat or maybe even their little ones, you'll understand what the alarm means to some. "Back off losers. Or I'm going to run you over." Be it an adult or a little kid, the smashing of the skull and the exposing of the entrails are nothing to the truck driver who probably won't understand his mistake, leaving behind a bloody wheel track for mourners and apathetic by standers to know of his route. But was his ignorance, intentional? Probably not. This is the very crux of the idea, to be taken for granted. The dead are taken for granted. The living are taken for granted. Be ignorant, or aware, you too will do it to someone. Just make sure that they don't own a truck, or any other means of murder. But don't worry. They probably won't even tell you about it. They love you too much. So the big question: is it Their fault, or Ours?
Whatever your answer is, it may or may not be right. There is only one answer. So do the 'Right' thing. Not what you feel is right. This post is for every person in my life who I have unintentionally ignored. It wasn't intentional. It is just a sick part of life. Maybe someday I will learn to manage it well. Maybe I too need some sort of a siren. For now, I just have this blog, trying to reach out to all the ignored ones. What will you do for your set? Keep thinking till I go live my life.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light

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