Monday, 14 July 2014

The bias against the Dark

Life and its various aspects do seem interesting. We try to figure out the many metaphors that can be fit into a frame of thought so that we can with ease reflect upon the beauty and complexity of life.
But does anyone talk of death?
Maybe the afterlife comes into the picture, but that too is the after-LIFE. Why can't we call it after-DEATH?
It's simple. People like to reflect upon the lighter aspects of light. The white is always preferred because white can be dirtied and stained with our prejudices and biases. Nobody sees the true colour that is black, kept pure and unaffected by the prejudices. In light, we see all the differences but in darkness, all is the same.
In life, we see so many metaphors, in death?
Why is it that we see death as disgusting? Why can't anyone see the beauty of death?
Maybe with a little more probing, our minds will some day accept that there is this concept that should be dealt with for it too deserves a better understanding. is it because of the people who use the darkness for wrong? Or is it a mere misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the dark? Do we realise that in either scenario, we are kept in the dark about the darkness that we think is so dark that we try to end the darkness with light? Words matter and their propagation matters the most.
Maybe it is this very bias of light and dark that my blog might not appeal to many. Understandable. I will keep hitting the keys on my laptop till the day they are heard by someone. Wonder how many people out there who have such unheard voices because of the technological darkness that prevails in our lives wish to be heard...

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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